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“Michelle is an amazing practitioner. She has such a warm and loving manner that makes you feel supported and able to open-up and look deeply into your-self and allow deep healing on all levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual. She has an amazing breadth of knowledge and many, many tools to help clear, heal and empower.

My own experience with Michelle resulted in a deep clearing, recalibration, and healing. It left me feeling more joyful and energized, able to see my choices more clearly and move forward. I highly recommend her.”

- Christy S., Houston, TX, USA

“Thank you, Michelle, for the excellent intuitive energy healing session!!! Love your professional and powerful virtual practice. I could feel you and your guides working on me the whole time. Plus, I love, love, loved the customized visualization journey we went on. That resonated so well. Thank you for thehigher dimensional upgrade, I am feeling balanced and have a lot more energy. I highly recommend this service to others."

- Diana Prince Educator, Healer, Author & Akashic Record Reader with Throne of Heaven, Edmonton, AB

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“My sessions with Michelle were calming and peaceful, she shared with me the process and the clearing, what to expect and how I may feel after the sessions. I felt great after our sessions and felt like a weight had been lifted off my physical body. I had pain in my back-shoulder area that I had for months and after our first session, the pain was gone. Michelle confirmed so much of my own knowingness and confirmed
thoughts and feelings I had about my own healing journey. She never told me what I should or should not do and I felt really empowered after our sessions. She’s an excellent practitioner who is grounded, kind and compassionate.”

– Holly Seamone

“I started meeting with Michelle 4 months ago and right from the start I felt a special connection with
her. She is a very kind, sweet soul and has a wisdom that is beyond her years. She is so easy to talk to and knows just what to say when I ask for advice. I always look forward to our meetings…it’s like seeing a long, lost friend again. She is more than a mentor to me, she is an inspiration and I have learned so much. I highly recommend her."

– Diana Wood, Terrace, BC, Retired

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“I had a lovely experience in my session with Michelle. She’s a kind gentle soul that led me through an energy session to clear and release anything that is holding me back from leveling up. I feel so much more energy moving through my body activating me and my purpose for more. Thanks Michelle.”

- Michelle Bateman, Confidence & Clarity Coach, Soul Journey

“My experience with Michelle was nothing short of amazing. I instantly felt a calm and loving energy
move into my body which really put me at ease. I was blown away at what she picked up from my
energy almost right away.

I have a lot of issues with my mom and the things she taught me (unknowingly) and the traumas she
passed onto me. But it also gave me a massively deep insight in what I am here to do and the patterns I am here to break.

My biggest takeaway from my session was why I was afraid to move forward in my business life and my dream of what I want to offer this world. For me, it stems from my mother. I know she loves me and always has, and she did what she thought was right to protect me from whatever she thought would hurt me.

But I never felt a closeness with my mom the way other people got to have with theirs. My mom was so wrapped up in her traumas (which were nothing short of horrific) that she often didn’t know how to show me the love I needed to thrive (because she was never shown it from her mom).

I have a lot of inner child work that I need to do moving forward and I know it’s going to be one of the most difficult things I have ever done. I know because I have been avoiding it ever since our session.

But I do know that I have already made some shifts in the direction of my business because I have taken some steps to share some very personal and vulnerable moments with the internet that I never would have done even a couple of months ago. And I believe that is because of the healing that Michelle and I did together.

I have a better idea of how I want to move forward, and it is much less scary for me to see myself doing it. There really are no words as to how much she has helped me with only one session and I think that she will be an amazing asset to this world and its healing journey."

– Leah Vanier

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“On the night of following my soul guidance to set up a session with Star Magic Healing facilitator, Michelle Enns, I felt palpable waves of relief and gratitude flow through me. I have been blessed with a few sessions from this gifted woman. I am pleased to offer this testimonial to others searching for healing.

Each time was a unique experience for her and me in what she was shown to do and how. Guided through various timelines she cleared contracts, blockages, patterns and called back soul fragments.

With each session I felt lighter and more complete. Releasing long suppressed grief for my beloved husband allowed a part of his soul to be returned to him. A couple chronic physical issues have cleared also.

The subject of entities is not an area most of us want to even consider, and one may not even be aware of them. However, she is well experienced in dealing with the release of such. She freed me of this energy and an entity within my car which was setting off my car alarm without cause.

One ought to allow free time after a session due to the need for stillness depending on the intensity of the healing. The powerful Star Magic Healing assists not only yourself but also your family and ancestors. Yesterday, through telepathic connection my Mom in spirit messaged me. “Thank you for all your healing sessions, we are all feeling the benefits.” If your heart has guided you to Michelle, then listen you must, for you shall be well rewarded.”

– Joy, Carol Ann Joy Arnim

“Michelle did a clearing on me because I had a lot of fear and negative thinking around applying for a new job. After a 30-year career as a court reporter, shifting gears into a new profession didn’t seem possible. After her clearing with Star Magic, I feel confident & ready to go after my dream! It is really amazing! I literally felt the thinking in my head leave. A heavy weight has now been lifted. I’ve begun decluttering my home & fixing things that were in need of repair. There is a whole new level of openness in my world. Thank you, Michelle!!!"

- Lisa Anderson

“I have just had a session with Michelle, and I feel like I can fly! We were working on my finding my life mate. I had already made a wish list of what I was looking for. We went through it and she pointed out the places I was limiting myself because of my beliefs. I am amazed with the power she had when we went in and cleared any reason for the blocks to be there in the form of contracts I had created.

I recommend Michelle to anyone that really wants to create change in their life. My life will not be the same after this session. I can feel it in my whole system. Thank you for sharing your gifts and skills with me, so I can move on with my life.”

– Vinnie, Denmark

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“When I first heard about Michelle, I was skeptical. I’ve never experienced this type of service before. However, when our session began, Michelle made me feel completely comfortable and safe with her and that I was in complete control of the experience. She took me on a journey. I felt loved & cared for in this experience from her and beyond. I now have clarity & confidence in how I want to move though this world. That was my takeaway. Michelle is a kind, soft, gifted, intuitive woman and I will be a returning customer. I highly recommend her services."

– Nicole Tubbs

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I met Michelle at the Taste of Healing event that was held in 2018. I was immediately drawn to her & had a private session at that time. That evening she opened a door for me to a level of healing that I wasn’t even aware of & over the years has been a huge support & cheerleader in my healing journey.

One session in particular sticks out to me. It had to do with my fear of going outside after dark & specifically going down dark paths by myself. I don’t recall as a child having an event happen that would cause this fear & this fear literally had me staying in my home after dark. If I had to go somewhere, I would typically run & jump into my car, where I felt safe. In my session, Michelle was able to heal the event that occurred many lifetimes ago that caused it. During my session, I felt the whole event reoccurring in my body & saw flashes of it in my mind & when she did her healing of it, I could literally feel a weight lift off my shoulders. To some this may seem small, but she has given me a freedom that I
never felt before at the age of 47. The ability to feel safe & secure outside by myself, after dark. Old me would go outside after dark & scurry along in fear. New me just goes for a bike ride or walk after dark & thoroughly enjoys it. The peace & tranquility is amazing.

This is just one example of how Michelle has helped me. She has healed past lives, childhood traumas & the beliefs, behaviors & patterns that come from those things. She has given me guidance in how to facilitate my own energy healing in my daily life. She is this positive ray of light that is undeniably  amazing. She is truly a talented energy healer & beautiful soul & I am grateful that she came into my life. Lots of love & gratitude."

– Shannon Huchulak

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“Michelle is a warm, caring, insightful intuitive coach. Her presence and spiritual gifts are a blessing to anyone who connects with her."

– Lorene Davis, Roseville, CA

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"Michelle is a very intuitive coach who is gentle, compassionate, and caring. She is highly accurate and helped me clear some very deep patterns! I love working with Michelle and I highly recommend her!"

- Lisa C. Anderson, New Jersey

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"Michelle is an “extra-ordinary” coach that I would recommend to anybody who is willing to step up their life. She is right on point & will lovingly guide you in what to clear to manifest the life you want. Thank you, Michelle for all your precious guidance."

– Beatrice Gonzales, Haiti

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"Wow, wow, wow, thank you, thank you, thank you, is all I can say. Michelle is so thorough inside and out, leaving no stone unturned. The messages she gets, the details she is able to uncover, blocks have no chance against her. I went through half a box of Kleenex in my clearing with her. All there is left to say is, just, thank you. A heartfelt thank you."

– D. Gupta

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"Michelle is one of the most talented Life Coaches I have ever worked with. She is a true intuitive and is guided by divine source energy to find the energy that needs to be cleared. I felt great after the session!"

- Terry Tver

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"I highly recommend Michelle! She is a very gifted Intuitive Life Coach / Energy Healer. She starts by meditating you into pure bliss and creates a safe place where you feel supported. She then assists you with what you are wanting to shift in your life. I feel like Michelle has truly helped me get reconnected to who I am and where I’m going. She has also helped me release things that no longer serve me. I am very grateful for Michelle’s amazing gifts! Thank you, Michelle!"

- Mary McCune, Kansas City, Missouri

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"Michelle and I have worked together on many occasions. She demonstrates a loving, supportivepresence in her work."

– Jaclyn Elda Chisholm, Tampa, Florida

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"Coaching with Michelle is a pleasure as well as an awesome opportunity; so powerful to clear what’s been in the way of reaching my goals and building the life and business I’ve dreamed of! Her intuitive approach to coaching is spot-on. Not only that, her deep, intuitive skills get to the heart of things. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone."

– Shane McIntosh, Australia

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"Michelle has helped me immensely. She is a great coach who is talented, knowledgeable and intuitive. Michelle is capable of helping her clients find the main reasons for their challenges and successfully removing and solving them. Michelle is attentive, thorough, kind and easy to work with. Thank you, Michelle for being you."

– Dr. Bari A., Manhattan, KS

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"Wow! What an amazing feeling when she was clearing my blocks. I totally felt it! I loved the way she did the process to get the emotions and blocks cleared and how she got downloads of clearing statements.Thank you so much."

– Veronica Pontiles Prukowski, Seattle Washington

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"Thank you so much for yesterday’s clearings. I believe they are quite profound and will have big impacts on my life. In fact, they already have. As of now, I have a session booked with a new client and have a new client for my conditioning class. Thank you soooo much!"

- Rochelle, Montana

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"I have had the privilege of having had several sessions with Michelle, and I would highly recommend her! Michelle has a gentle and loving manner even when telling me things about myself I am not always keen to hear. Michelle is particularly gifted at delving into and clearing the roots and origins of issues you may be experiencing with a specific person. Within days of the session, some situations have been completely resolved and others much more harmonious and whole new perspectives have been seen as a result. Very Talented."

– Laura B. Alberta, Canada

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