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Intake Session 20 min + Remote sessions that take place over 3-4 days + Follow up Session with Client

If your space feels negative, unharmonious, or influenced by spirits, then this very
comprehensive energy clearing will help. High frequencies, geometries, and codes will run for several days, and clear anything that shouldn’t be there. Michelle will check and clear the following:

1. Overlays (anywhere there is damage,
destruction, hurt or pain in the past,
present, or future) For example, fighting,
battles, or cutting of ancient forests

2. Structures (past, present, or future) For
example, buildings, burial sites, barns,
high rises, malls, pyramids, etc.

3. Land

4. Waterlines, Ley Lines, Wells & Fault lines
Spirits & negative beings can travel
along these which are re-routed & cleared.

After the clearing, the home or business can be super-charged, and the energy amplified by installing technology that gives off a harmonious frequency and balances all the energy in the building. It will charge the home for abundance. Michelle will require the address of the building & land (not the post office box address) as well as a simple drawing of a birds-eye view of the building showing the locations of each room.

Investment: $444 + tax


Two 45 min. Sessions with Client + 1 Session
without Client

Sometimes negative beings can attach
themselves to us and drain our energy and

Releasing them allows you to regain your energy, feel happier, more like yourself, more empowered and life gets easier.

Often, we have allowed this on some level, even if we may not be fully conscious of it. We may have asked for help in a time of need or made some contracts or agreements out of fear. They can be very tricky and subtle and so the client often re-engages with them without even being aware of it.

Therefore, more than 1 session is needed, to
coach the client in how they are thinking and perceiving, so they do not contract in again. After 2 sessions together, Michelle will check in energetically a couple more times to ensure the parasites have left.


Investment: $ 555 + tax

CLEARING OF HOMES, BUSINESSES & LAND can play a significant role & it is recommended that ENERGY CLEARING OF HOMES, BUSINESSES & LAND should be done first. You are welcome to contact Michelle if you are unsure of what you need.

Investment $888 + tax (Save $100 together)


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