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Spiral into Deeper Levels of Your Soul’s Truth

In my experience, the Spiritual Journey is like an ever-expanding spiral, always circulating back through 3 main components (see diagram).

Each step aligns you more closely to your Soul-Self & brings greater levels of clarity about who you truly are and what you can do from an infinite choice of possibilities.

A high-level goal is to clear all blocks in the way of fully aligning with your Higher Self, so that you can be who you truly are at a Soul level and have a remembrance of what you came to this planet to do. Living your Soul Purpose could be a high empowered step.


CLEAR Mental,

Emotional, & Spiritual

Blocks to HEAL at All Levels

Release negative thoughts, patterns, & programs of pain

& struggle

Heal inner child, past lives, ancestral patterns, multi-dimensional selves

Heal & integrate light & dark parts of you

EXPAND Awareness & Consciousness Levels

To Align More Fully With Higher Self

Increase personal vibration to greater levels of acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, love, joy, peace of mind, bliss, gratitude

Move from 3D to 5D, 7D...

Embody a greater amount of light

EMPOWER Yourself To Make Positive Change

Master ego, elevate & develop intuitive gifts, Manifest

Trust own inner wisdom & awaken to your soul's purpose

Clearing mental, emotional, & spiritual blocks allows you to HEAL at all levels.

These blocks are heavy, dense, negative energy stuck within your energetic field, blocking, or limiting you from your full potential.

The brains of children (0-7 years) primarily operate in delta & theta states, allowing energy to be absorbed (or imprinted) into their minds. This is how beliefs, emotions and behaviors become programed (conditioned) into their subconscious minds from parents, family, society, movies, music, media & advertising.

Emotions, thoughts & past experiences can get held & stuck in your physical & energetic body. When there is old stagnant energy blocking the flow of life force energy, the body has difficulty healing itself and a person can feel “stuck” in some area of their life. Negative emotions result in living in a contracted state. Our bodies even feel contracted, heavy, tight & restricted.

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“It’s not too late as adults to overcome your own negative programming by accessing
your subconscious mind.”

- Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, The Biology of Belief

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The spiritual journey allows us to become aware

of and release blocks of pain & struggle:

Not feeling good enough



Feel Alone

Judging Self & Others


Low Confidence




Reactionary Outbursts

Lack Support

Old Insecurities

Difficult Making Decisions

Racing Mind

Feel Unloved

Avoiding Conflict


Deeper healing may involve healing your Inner Child, Genetic Lineage, healing past lives & multidimensional selves, healing & integrating light and dark aspects of yourself & balancing divine feminine & masculine qualities within yourself.

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Expanding Awareness and Consciousness Levels allows you to align more fully with your Higher Self.

Your personal vibration is composed of your beliefs, judgements, opinions, decisions, emotions, habits & behaviors. As you clear out negative, heavy, dense energy, your personal vibration raises. You feel lighter, brighter, more open and expanded. Your personal frequency increases into greater levels of:







Peace of Mind







Connection to Source

Greater Ease

As you shift into higher vibrational states, you can hold greater amounts of your Soul Light and embody more of your Soul-Self. You start to remember who you truly are & align with your own Divine nature & Soul Blueprint. The veil is lifted & you can access higher dimensions, moving into 5D and beyond.

Empowering Yourself is taking action to create positive change in your life, but on a deeper level, it would lead to greater clarity about what you can do from an infinite choice of possibilities. Each action step can lead you into deeper levels of Awakening to Your Soul’s Purpose.

It is different for everyone, but may involve moving forward with confidence and taking inspired action towards your goals. It may involve learning to master your ego & observing the present moment. It may involve learning to trust your own inner truth and wisdom to know what decisions are best for yourself and your family. As you spiral into deeper levels of your Soul’s Truth, your Intuitive Gifts become activated, and you gain more insight into your Soul’s Truth. You can learn the skills and tools to heal yourself more deeply. You can take guided action, to create or to manifest what you want. Life becomes more harmonious & you are more in the Flow of the Universe. Through this whole process, you gain deeper insights about how you can serve and who you came here to be. You awaken to what your Soul Purpose is and why you chose to incarnate on the planet at this time.

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