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  • How Do I Prepare for an Energy Healing Session?
    Pick a time and place where you can be quiet & undisturbed and remind family to not interrupt during the session. Sitting or lying down with your back straight is the best posture. It is important to be able to relax, breathe deeply, close your eyes, and go within to sense the energy and any changes you may notice. Have a blanket on hand as feeling cold or hot is a sign of healing and it’s best to stay comfortable. Drink plenty of water before, during and after the session as your body will be detoxing. Have an idea of what you want to work on. When you book a session, you have set your intention to heal, and your soul immediately goes to work for you. You may notice negative thoughts, feelings, conflicts, or other issues surfacing in your life to be released before the session.
  • Why Are Sessions Done Over the Phone & Zoom? Is that Effective?
    When both the client & practitioner are relaxed, undisturbed & in a state where they can focus within, the deepest clearing can occur. Healings performed at a distance have the same effect as Healing in Person. Energy is everywhere & not confined to time and space. Energy travels incredibly fast, think of the speed of light. An intuitive energy healer can detect and clear the energy regardless of how far away they are. Michelle grids a space in the quantum field and facilitates the energy healing there on a hologram of the client. The hologram contains all the past, present & future selves of the client as there is no time and distance in the quantum. So, the healing is very effective and occurs over all realities.
  • What is the General Procedure for a Typical Session?
    Even though every session is unique, and a variety of techniques can be used, there are some common factors. An initial conversation determines what the client wants to work on, and an intention is set for the healing. Both the client and facilitator are connected to pure, Divine Love & Light of Source and their higher selves & guidance teams are called in. Michelle is guided to what ever will best serve to detect and clear the energy blockages. Lower, dense, negative energy is released, and the client is filled up with positive, high vibrational loving energy, light codes of consciousness and healing frequencies. After the session, Michelle may offer homework exercises or coach you on what you can do to start creating the habits that will ensure long lasting changes. It is best to book your sessions so that you have time to rest and integrate after, rather than rushing back to work or life.
  • What are Some Signs of Clearing? How Can I Tell it’s Working? What will I Experience?
    It is great to be aware of how you are feeling before and after a session, so that you can notice a change or shift in energy. I recommend a journal so you can record what you notice during a session and in between sessions. You could even rate your energy level, happiness level, stress level, etc. on a scale and watch it improve. During the Session: Every person senses energy differently and each session may be perceived differently. You may notice tingling, pulsing, pulling, twitching, heat, cold, yawning or coughing as energy is released. You may feel emotions as they are released or become aware of a memory from the past. You may even fall asleep or go deep into your subconscious during a session and not even be consciously aware of what happened. Whatever you may notice, just breathe, be present, and allow the energy to leave as it is only temporary. You may not be aware of any sensations at all. After a session, you may feel lighter, more spacious, open or expansive as the heavy, dense energy has been lifted. You may feel energized, excited or just know that you are on the right path. You may feel a sense of peace & bliss. You may feel happier, less stressed, more optimistic about life You may feel so relaxed that you need a nap. This is often an indication that deep subconscious layers have been removed. You may not be aware of, or sense the energy leaving, but then find in the next few days and weeks that your previous symptoms have significantly decreased or the situations and issues seem resolved. Emotions and mental thoughts of the past are being released and can stimulate more of them being released over time, like a ripple effect. Integration can take several days to months as your cells adjusts to the new frequencies. The removal of old, stagnant, dense energy in your light bodies & physical body is really a DETOX. It can affect your body like a physical detox would. Some people can feel tired, notice fleeting pains, headaches, nausea, or even digestive disturbance. The more you do this, you will recognize what your process is like.
  • What Can I Do for SELF CARE To Support These Sessions?
    1. HONOR & LISTEN to your EMOTIONS. EXPRESS YOURSELF in a healthy way. If you need to cry, then honor that. Perhaps journal your thoughts and emotions if you are not in a state to express yourself in a loving, firm, healthy way. 2. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. REST, NAP or GO TO BED EARLIER to allow your body to process and release old energy with greater ease. 3. DRINK PLENTY OF GOOD QUALITY WATER & eat lots of whole FRUITS & VEGETABLES. Drink plenty of good quality water and eat lots of whole fruits and vegetables. Eat as clean as possible by eliminating caffeine, sugar, & processed foods. 4. GET OUT IN NATURE and enjoy the sunshine as much as possible. This helps with GROUNDING your energy & brings calm, uplifting energy. 5. GENTLE EXERCISE OR MOVEMENT helps with energy flow, so do what feels right for you: walk, dance, swim, stretch, garden, do yoga, qi gong, or any other form of movement. 6. TAKE A SALT BATH after intense energy clearing & during times of stress or overwhelm. High quality Epsom Salts, Magnesium Salts or Himalayan Salts will absorb into your skin and restore your Magnesium levels, revitalize your energy, relax & soothe muscles & nerves & draw toxins from the body. (1-2 cups / bath, 20 min.) 7. BE GRATEFUL for & ALLOW THIS PROCESS OF LETTING GO of what no longer serves you so that you can increase your vibration, become healthier in all ways, align more fully with your Higher Self.
  • How Many Sessions Will I Need and How Often? Can you Guarantee Results?
    Everyone is unique and every situation is different. Some factors that influence the speed of healing are: how specific the intention is for healing is, how long it has been a problem (in this lifetime and how many other lifetimes or timelines), the client’s beliefs (about the issue, about their own empowerment levels, about healing), the client’s personal vibration level (when levels of love, compassion, joy, forgiveness, gratitude & peace can be maintained, healing occurs faster), what stage they are in on their own healing and spiritual journey (an old soul has many more lifetimes to process and the person may or may not be ready & willing to see levels of truth), and how committed they are to change (to take action to do what is necessary to raise their vibration levels and commit to doing any homework steps provided). Michelle will ask after each session, what time is needed to fully integrate that healing before scheduling another session. Integration time usually ranges between 1-3 weeks. I can not guarantee or promise that you will experience certain results. Your level of success depends on many factors listed above. Your desire or will, your commitment & choice are paramount. Ultimately, you and you alone are responsible for your life & the choices you make. I do guarantee that I use my intuitive skills and awareness to the best of my ability for the highest and greatest good of my clients to support & facilitate them in clearing their energy blocks, balancing their energy, & guide them to increase their vibration levels, expand their consciousness & empower them.
  • Is this Religious? Do I need to believe in God for this to work?
    No, this does not follow any religion. Source Love and Light is a universal healing force which anyone can use to heal & empower themselves. If you have a Religion, you may prefer to think of the light as God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah or The Creator. Atheists may prefer to simply think of Light & Energy. Others may prefer to think of the light as Source, The Universe or where you came from. It is personal to everyone, but it is still a powerful real force which everyone can use to heal & improve their lives.
  • Who Does the Energy Healing?
    Michelle connects both herself and the client to pure, Divine Love and Light of Source. An Intention is always made to heal the client in a way that is most beneficial for them. Each person’s own Soul-Self performs the healing, even if indirectly. Michelle is just a Facilitator who has the knowledge, skills, & experience to receive messages and take action for the client’s highest and greatest good. Michelle is intuitively guided by her Soul-Self who is in communication with the client’s own Soul-Self. It is important to remember that each person always has the conscious choice to accept a healing or not.
  • How Can Energy Clearing Contribute to My Health?
    Energy blockages affect our health & wellbeing. Restriction & blockages to vital life force energy can cause pain and dis-ease. Removing the root cause of those issues allows the body to heal itself. Energy healing can be used in conjunction with & enhances all other energy-based practices like massage, chiropractor, acupuncture, reiki, reflexology, quantum touch, Bio-Energy healing, yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and emotional freedom techniques like tapping. Energy work is not a replacement for visiting Doctors or other qualified professionals. I am not a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist and can not diagnose, treat or cure a medical condition. However, removing the energy of negative emotions, thoughts, patterns & conditioning from our past allows vital life force energy to flow freely allowing the incredible healing abilities of our bodies to work effectively. See Terms & Disclaimer
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