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1 Session = 45 min., over phone or zoom

Every session is different. A wide range of healing can take place to clear, heal, activate & upgrade you. It may involve:

  • releasing negative emotions, beliefs, patterns & programs;

  • inner child healing;

  • chakra clearing;

  • releasing cords & attachments

  • ancestral healing;

  • clearing contracts & karmic ties;

  • healing past lives & realities;

  • activations & upgrades to be more in alignment with your Original Divine Blueprint/Soul-Self.


1 Session = $222 + tax


1 Session = 45 min, over phone or zoom

Michelle facilitates an ASTRAL TRAVEL Journey. Your light body leaves your physical body and is guided and escorted to a high vibrational healing place.

There is a core group of places that Michelle is often guided to go, where high vibrational beings of Love & Light are there to serve, for your highest and greatest good.

If your Soul is not ready, then we will
automatically do an Intuitive Energy Session that your Soul is guiding us to heal, activate or upgrade.


1 Session = $222 + tax

3 or 6 Session Packages

                                                   for lower investment & more value. Michelle also provides spiritual coaching (homework, insights, visualizations, & exercises that you may need) to help you create new habits to progress on your own journey.

3 Session Package = $533 + tax (20% off)

no time limit

6 Session Package = $999 + tax (25% off)

no time limit

If you are serious about change and finances are a difficulty, please contact Michelle to see what can be arranged.

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“Michelle is an amazing practitioner. She has such a warm and loving manner that makes you feel supported and able to open-up and look deeply into your-self and allow deep healing on all levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual. She has an amazing breadth of knowledge and many, many tools to help clear, heal and empower.

My own experience with Michelle resulted in a deep clearing, recalibration, and healing. It left me feeling more joyful and energized, able to see my choices more clearly and move forward. I highly recommend her.”

Christy S., Houston, TX, USA

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“Michelle, your session was customized to me, my level & state of energetic health. It was a relaxing guided meditation that included activations & recalibrations, influenced by various spirit guides & helpers. It was a very relaxing visualization…It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. LOVED IT!”

Diana Prince, Edmonton, AB

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